Blog Samples

“What we’ve learned from our members”

After publishing 47 member spotlight interviews, this recap post highlighted the significance of consistency and showcasing the many people who make Benefits Alliance a strong industry voice.

Length: 1000 Words

Industry: Financial Services / Insurance

Everesting Event Recap

Shifting to a digital fundraising goal in 2020, Forward Foundation held an excellent fundraiser that exceeded expectations and was based on the challenge accepted by one of their donors to virtually conquer the elevation change of Mount Everest by bike.

Length: 900 Words

Industry: Non-Profit

“Emotional Benefits of Pet Ownership”


Length: 1800 Words

Industry:  Non-Profit

Product Comparison Guide on Vitamin C

Part of a strong e-commerce strategy is being able to describe your products and help make good suggestions for your customers. In this guide, we compare different Vitamin
C supplements that Natural Focus sells and the benefits of each.

Length: 900 Words

Industry: Health Food & Supplements

Best Beaches of 2022

One of the most popular articles each year is sharing the popular beach locations. Building a bucket list or planning your next family vacation, this article anchors more reviews of destinations that are featured. Part of the collection of articles on Greatest Beach that cover all things related to travel, packing, and adventure.

Length: 1100 Words

Industry:  Travel

Forest Hills Golf Course Review

Product and Experience reviews can be the best form of marketing for businesses that are trying to attract new customers. In the case of golf courses, reviews are essential to creating a desire to play-especially when they are out of town. This review focuses on the history and value of playing at Forest Hills.

Length: 800 Words

Industry: Health Food & Supplements